Our Vision

Our goal has always been to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects of quality, price, design, delivery and reliability. We offer customized hotel amenities, branded amenities from Europe, USA and Asia where we accustom the local market regulations and provide solutions accordingly.

We want our guests who uses ‘Beya products to our partner hotels to feel at home and to enjoy their stay. We want to provide travelers the relaxing experience of being pampered with the high quality products and amenities that we provide. Giving guests a great experience is also our way of helping to promote tourism and local business at their travel destination.

Our Core Values

Our success has been based on our corporate values of integrity, focus, loyalty and vision.

Acting with integrity

We place a high value on company duties and we strive to be the best in the industry through fair trade practices.

Focusing on what matters

We build relationship and knows our clients need. We deliver the products needed in a timely manner at a competitive prices.

We value loyalty

We treat external and internal customers with respect and we place value on loyalty to both the company and the client. We believe that the key to the company’s growth is our commitment to helping our partners grow with.

Keeping the vision alive

Beya was built on a dream in which the company can become one of the major players in the industry. We keep this vision in our mind even during day-to-day operations, with the belief that every step and every process that is done by each member of the team is aligned with this vision.